Posted on 14/12/2014 by Erock

It’s wintry, it’s cold, the wind is blowing in December. Put on those gloves. It’s time to cook stout beer can chicken outside! This time with one of our favorite stouts — Oatis, from Ninkasi. It’s a damn good stout… but in a beer can bird? We’ll find out soon! We started with a nice […]

Posted on 31/05/2014 by Erock
Poultry Pal vertical chicken roaster

Better than beer can chicken?! What could possibly be more awesome than beer can chicken? Well the makers of the Poultry Pal vertical roaster claim that this gizmo is an even better way to make roasted beer can chicken. After the folks at Poultry Pal were nice enough to send us one, we just had […]

Posted on 18/05/2014 by Erock
oven beer can chicken

Probably the single most frequently asked question we get as beer can chicken freaks is this: can you make oven beer can chicken?¬†YES! This recipe¬†brings some smoke and fire off your back porch and into your kitchen. Smoked paprika rub with fresh oregano delivers some amazing flavor without fire smoke or coals. If this is […]